This fishing malarky isn’t easy!

Yesterday Neu went fishing, up before dawn and all that. He and his mate Menes had sailed out for about 40 minutes when they were caught by a sudden violent wind that whipped up the sea and turned the boat over. Neu smashed into the uprights on the back of the boat, getting a nasty whack on both his inner and outer thigh on one leg, Menes also took a whack but thankfully neither was seriously hurt.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe jangada has a huge sail (Neu’s is nearly 7 meters high) so when a boat turns over all the other fishermen in the area will see it, which was lucky for Neu and Menes because by now the sea was really heaving and try as they might, they could not right the boat. Neu’s cousin was relatively close by and with his help they were able to turn the jangada.

The waters off Prainha do Canto Verde are relatively shallow until you reach the continental shelf, unfortunately for Neu the combination of shallow water, the speed of their capsize, the rise and fall of the sea and a tall sail resulted in the mast sticking into the sand as the boat went over and snapping at the top, the sail was also ripped.


Two men trying to right an upturned jangada

Neu was able to fashion a new tip to the mast and rig up a short sail by using the ripped pieces to tie a larger piece to the mast, in this way they slowly made it to the fishing grounds.

They had one camuripim take the bait but it got away and Neu finally called it a day. He arrived home sore but in remarkably good humour around 2, had some lunch and then went back to the beach to sort his boat out, ready to go again tomorrow.


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