RARE comes to Prainha



On Friday the 7th of November 2014, it was announced in Washington D.C. by the director of the North American NGO RARE, that the Resex Prainha do Canto Verde,  has been selected, together with six other Extractive Reserves (Resex Mar de Cururupu. / Resex Delta de Parnaiba. / Resex Baía de Iguape. / Resex Cassurubá. /  Resex De Itaipú.  /  Resex Pirajubaé.) to be the locations for the initiation of RARE’s Fish Forever and Pride campaigns in Brazil.

This initiative is a partnership between RARE, The Environmental defence Fund (EDF) and scientists from the Sustainable Fisheries Group from the UC Santa Barbara University of California and is funded by donations from organisations including Bloomberg Philanthropies.

I’m sure that Prainha was chosen in no small part due to the tireless efforts of René Schärer, resident of Prainha and long time campaigner on sustainable fishing and the rights of Artisanal fishers, along with the work done by other members of Prainha’s community. Lindomar Lima Fernandes was chosen by community leaders to be the coordinator of the project (during the project he will undergo training in Social Communication at a Brazilian University in accordance with the model developed by RARE) and René will act as project supervisor.

This is a fantastic opportunity and offers a very real chance of guaranteeing the future of artisanal fishing in Brazil.

The project will begin in January 2015 and will run for two years. In the second phase (from 2017-19) twelve other Brazilian Marine reserves will be chosen.

Link to RARE’s Web site (fisheries section)

Fish Forever Fact sheet (PDF)

Fisheries Work Best with Community Engagement, Q&A with Nicolas Gutiérrez

An article in the Washington Post covering the announcement and the aims of the project can be read here.


This post was updated on the 20.11.2014 to correct errors in the names of some of the selected Resexes and to include the Fish Forever Map

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